• Top Hotels in Downtown Vancouver

    Top Hotels in Downtown Vancouver

    From Gastown to the West End, Mayfair’s hotels offer first-rate accommodations in the most vibrant areas of downtown.
  • Secure Storage Solutions

    Secure Storage Solutions

    Whether you’re storing extra furniture or stashing priceless heirlooms, Mayfair’s modern storage facilities offer value and peace-of-mind.
  • A Comfortable Place to Call Home

    A Comfortable Place to Call Home

    Mayfair’s well-maintained residential properties are places you’ll be proud to call home in Vancouver and North Vancouver.
  • Connected to the Community

    Connected to the Community

    Mayfair is a proud part of the Vancouver community. We hope to continue to grow and enrich this city for generations to come.

Mayfair Properties

Mayfair Properties is Vancouver’s premier holder of hotels, residential properties, and commercial properties in Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Starting with just one hotel, Mayfair Properties has grown into multiple hotels and diverse properties in Victoria, Nanaimo, North Vancouver and Vancouver. We strive to fulfill our mission to “provide every guest the best possible service and exceed their expectations every time.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. And be sure to check our news & events for opportunities to connect with us.

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